Aliens Are Hiding In North Carolina Sewers

The video shows what seems to be an alien being peering out of a sewer pipe and then quickly withdrawing back into the pipe?


The alien in question is stereotypical looking with its long elongated head and big eyes as it looks around the end of the pipe. The video was shown and reported on a Spanish news station, and the narrative is in Spanish, it is also difficult to see which of the news stations actually reported the incident.

The video has only recently emerged so it is around two years old and it is a bit obscure, but why has it only emerged after one year? Why was the video kept secret for all that time and now being allowed to surface on the internet?


Since the video appeared on the internet there have been many questions raised. The biggest question, of course, was what was an alien doing hiding away in a sewage pipe in a remote region of North Carolina? Conspiracy theorists have wondered if the pipe actually leads back to a secret government operation located underground and perhaps the alien in question managed to escape from that location. The video clip shows that it was taken on June 2015 and the time was 5.03pm and the date suggests that it was on the 24th.

Other than that there has been very little by way of information about the video or who captured it. Conspiracy theorists have wondered why the person who took the video has not been shouting about the sighting from the rooftops and you would think that if they had seen an alien poking its head out of a sewer pipe they would want their name to be known and get on TV.


As often in the case of capturing so called alien activity on film the quality of the video is poor. However, it is not that poor that the alien cannot be seen and it is possible to even make out some of the details. There does seem to be a hand or limb holding onto the edge of the pipe, while the head peers around the side. The alien has a silver, white or grey color and the head is an oval shape, which is comparable to other grey aliens that have supposedly been seen around the globe.

While it has been suggested that the alien is hiding in a sewer pipe, there has not been any confirmation, and it might be a storm drain or some other type of pipe. When first looking at the video it looks as though there are two aliens that look out from the pipe, on closer inspection, this seems to be a particle blur, and this is more than likely due to the bad quality of the video.

It was suggested that it might not be an alien as many people believe that sightings of so called aliens are in fact demons. The alien does seem to be very curious about whoever is outside of the pipe recording the video, and you do have to wonder why someone would have been recording a sewage pipe out in a remote region unless of course they already knew that something was going to happen.

This might suggest a prank. The person who is recording the video also seems to be too calm about the whole thing. Surely there would be more excited if someone saw an alien peeking out of a storm drain, perhaps even fear. So was this an alien peering out of a sewer or drain pipe or was it nothing more than a hoax?


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