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Alien Spacecraft Crash Landed In Virginia, Corpses of Aliens Scattered Around The Lake

We have seen many UFO footages in the past years. But we rarely got first person accounts of UFO landings or crashes. A horrifying incident in Harrisville, West Virginia shocked many people around the globe. Photos of the ill fated alien passengers of the UFO were uploaded by Channel 13 on their Facebook page.

“While on an early morning hike, two families were alerted to what they thought was a “huge meteor” heading toward the earth. As they watched, the meteor veered at an angle and crashed in to North Bend’s 305 acre lake. At this point, several families raced to the crash site. What they found was something out of a Hollywood movie.


The unnamed respondent who witnessed the crash landing and found the bodies of aliens shared his story on Channel 13.

According to the respondent he was horrified and at the same time astounded by the crash landing as if it was straight out of a Hollywood flick. The mangled remains of the craft passengers were seen floating on the 305 Acre lake of the North Bend State Park.

The Facebook post of the incident is still on Facebook with occasional new comments being written. According to Channel 13 post, FBI responded on the incident and analyzed the corpses and stored them on special containers to be sent to an unknown facility, possibly at the Area 51 or Dulce Base. The lake was closed for several days after the incident.


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