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The Biggest Cover-Up in Antarctica

According to conspiracy theorists, Antarctica is much more than a frozen land. It holds countless clues for all life on the planet and information about how the humans destroyed it. So, this coldest, windiest, and driest continent can help us reveal the truth.

Conspiracy theorists claim that there is enough solid evidence that can point out even the most supernatural and bizarre things. As a result, they came up with new dramatic stories that this continent is the alien’s headquarters.

They believe that either the lost human civilization used to live here or this land is the home base of different alien species. On top of all that, a naval officer told his story on the internet claiming that he remembers seeing a big hole in the ice.

Even though it was located in a no-fly zone, he says that he remembers crossing the area with medical professionals on board. Furthermore, he managed to locate a group of scientists who went missing two weeks prior.

He says that superiors warned him never to refer to this subject. The scientists, as he claims, looked terrified. Upon their return to McMurdo, the scientists were isolated, and they returned to New Zealand on a special plane.

Byrd Expedition

Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr, a rear admiral who specializes in exploring, was someone who also visited Antarctica. He received a Medal of Honor for his deeds and was a well-known polar explorer, aviator, and organizer.

In 1947, he led 4,000 military troops to conduct an invasion of Antarctica known as “Operation Highjump.” Some stories claim that the reason for this huge amount of military troops was because they encountered ‘’flying saucers’’. Why would they otherwise need that many soldiers?

As Collective-Evolution claims, a flying machine greeted the military, and they were able to interact with each other. They met with the other beings at a place known as “Agartha.” The beings expressed their concern regarding the nuclear weapons.

And they paid close attention to the overall well-being of the planet. They specified that humanity was affecting it. When the expedition ended, the American press announced the Admiral’s findings. However, immediately after the release, the government suppressed Admiral Byrd’s claims.

They made out the man to be someone who makes false claims. But, no one was able to stop his story. The world loved it. As a result, the National Geographic immediately published the story, and it reached worldwide fame.

But, later something took the public’s attention. For some reasons, Byrd’s son died from mysterious circumstances. Police located his body in an empty warehouse. Also, he was six years old when he accompanied the Admiral on his expeditions.

Doesn’t this sound like an ideal proof?

Well, this story still remains a mystery. Maybe we know too much or too little, but we will never know for sure. Of course, it is important to point out that people constantly see UFOs. Some claims are fake, and others are not.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that we are not alone. So, what could they be possibly hiding? Is it something that can completely alter the way we think? What do you think about Operation Highjump? Tell us your thoughts and leave us a COMMENT.

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