TR-3B UFO filmed in Russia – best evidence yet

Recently A TR-3B UFO type of aircraft was filmed in Saint-Petersburg in Russia. The object was moving at an extremely low speed.

Any know aircraft flying at this speed would fall to the ground. This object was defying any known laws of gravity as it was flying through the skies of Saint-Petersburg.


At a sudden point in time, one of the main propulsion engines fails, and the object is forced to continue its journey without one of its main thrusting units.

The object manages to stay afloat and heads towards its main trajectory… This object shows a lot of similarities of a TR-3B. This mysterious aircraft has been spotted all over the world. Is this object of this world?

It continues to famous the world with its impossible moves, and it’s mysterious lights. The TR-3B continues to amaze the world, but its technology could be already influencing it’s goal… earth…


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