Multiple UFOs In Arizona Caught On Video

A man named Mauricio Morales captured something that went from ordinary Facebook pictures to a viral top theme on the internet. He apparently snapped eerie flying UFOs in Arizona.

UFOs and extraterrestrial are hot research topic, especially in the last few years. Perhaps because of the mystery, it carries inside which is directly connected with the people’s wish to explore the hidden.

One enigmatic case like this, and one of the many in Arizona was spotted recently and it went viral online.

Mr. Morales posted his pictures on social media and numerous alien websites and YouTube channels reposted them saying they happened in one of the main areas of UFOs.

The man explained how he was driving to Phoenix when he suddenly noticed a green-shaded shooting star. He continued driving when he once again saw some orange light on the horizon. Initially, he thought it’s a meteor that set a fire in the desert.

Carelessly, he continued driving not paying attention to the events. However, few miles later, he saw the light again. That’s when he realized the lights weren’t ordinary.

Morales stopped his vehicle in order to take some photos. In his south-west direction, he noticed six orange-red lights hovering around in the sky. He described the UFOs in Arizona as very bright and luminous.

“Whatever this was, I have never seen anything like this in my life before. Super cool experience” said Morales.

Local news reports have later explained the cause of the event was a meteor. Nevertheless, Mr. Morales updated his post saying his camera time was 8 minutes ahead.

“I also saw a video of the same exact thing but from the opposite end in El Centro, CA. That means that whatever this was, it was visible for at least 100 miles,” he further added.

Morales was quite sure this occurrence did not happen because of the meteor because the meteor struck 10 minutes before he pulled over to take his pictures.

Furthermore, he didn’t suggest this event has something to do with extraterrestrials. He simply wanted to share it as something amazing he experienced.

Some people said it might have been “Marfa lights” which are a type of military flare.

UFO hoax buster Scott Brando also said he dismisses anything extraterrestrial about this event.

The rational conclusions, however, did not stop other websites trying to hypothesize the possible explanation for the UFOs in Arizona.

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