Potential Alien Invasion Under Way? UFOs Dropping Pods Across The Country

As time continues to pass by in everyone’s daily life, there are often questions that remain unanswered, however they are constantly asked about on a daily basis. One of the questions typically questions about the existence of UFOs and whether they truly exist and what truly inhabits those aircraft that have commonly been seen through video or snapshots. The next question that is usually followed with the topic of UFOs is whether these aircraft are inhabiting the often spoken about extraterrestrial species or in simpler terms: Aliens.

Aliens have often been believed to be floating about space and especially around Earth, however many have only been capable of speculating what is truly going on when these UFOs are seen casually gliding around and looking down at the humans of planet Earth. There have been many theories thrown out there that speak about the true intentions of these alien lifeforms that hover around Earth. One theory is that aliens are most likely the most intelligent lifeforms to have ever existed, however the technology that humans have produced over the last few decades have come off as rather interesting and amazing, therefore aliens may be studying humans to try and in a way take notes to implement these same technologies in whatever galaxy they may live in.

Another theory that has been thrown out there and is being indicated as the true and scary possibility according to reports is that aliens are actually monitoring everything humans on Earth are doing, but not because they wan to simply study whatever it is that humans do on their daily schedule, but rather because aliens are simply studying humans thoroughly to plan for a large-scale takeover and start an invasion of Earth. The question is how could aliens possibly go about taking over a world with over two billion people and start this invasion? This perceived stealthy invasion is believed to be occurring through what has been reported as flashing orbs in the sky that are dropping smaller orbs from their aircraft and onto the ground. These are no ordinary orbs according to these reports. In fact they are actually believed to be pods being dropped from these other orbs, which would slowly assist in aliens being able to come onto the Earth and slowly take over.

The length of this takeover to fully kick off is unknown, however it is fairly obvious that aliens are planning to do something with the Earth, given the fact that there are orbs being dropped out of the sky. It is not known for sure whether it is a takeover, however pods being dropped onto the sky is not a good sign of anything regarding humans and aliens. If this is truly occurring, then government needs to get involved and start to discuss the issue of emergency management for the entire world, not just a particular section.

There is also an entirely different issue that exists as well however. The government has very often been involved in the talks of UFO, but blatantly lie and disregard the idea of them existing. Some government officials do come out and state the truth about aliens, however there is a majority that disregard this topic, mostly because they themselves are involved. This is another barricade in figuring out the problem of an alien invasion.


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