Freemasons Control Most Protestant Sects

What about those who profess to be Christians, Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, etc. etc.? … Are they also ALL FALSE?”

The answer is YES!  This gifted researcher confirms that humanity is indeed the victim of an ancient satanic conspiracy rooted in the Cabalah and Talmud. But his important contribution is to remind us that the Cabalists have used Freemasonry to virtually create Protestantism (Lutheranism, Presbyterian etc.) and their offshoots, the Evangelical movements, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists.

Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell and Robert Schuler were all high ranking Freemasons as are their present day successors.   We know the Catholic Church has been subverted but we have to be reminded that the same applies to Protestants, and especially Evangelicals who are the core of Trump support.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that most social institutions have been subverted by Freemasonry and this is the reason for society’s general demoralized condition. We are just bystanders to power struggles, real or staged, within this satanic secret society.

How Could All Ministries and the Church Be False?

(Excerpts by

They Are ALL False

Let me warn you …. that they are well trained professional con-men and women, actors, hypocrites, who deceive and swindle Christians and unsuspecting people for living. They make unbelievable amount of money taking from those people and live off of it, claiming that “The Lord blessed me!” And, they are extremely “organized,” behave in one accord, and are part of the worldwide Illuminati-Masonic system, which controls the WHOLE WORLD.

I have covered the deception of the Messianic and Hebraic Roots Movements quite a bit in the Judaism and Kabbalah series. They are all false and based on Kabbalah … no question about it. But, you might have been wondering … then, what about the other ministries? What about those who profess to be Christians, Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, etc. etc.? … Are they also ALL FALSE?.

Please know this truth: The same enemy who have created the Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots Movements created the false church going back almost 2000 years.

(Evangelical pastors “laying on the hands.”) 

Yes. I have no problem asserting that ALL ministries that are very visible and well funded, that are eager to draw people into “movements” and “frenzies,” and that are Zionistic are FALSE. And, that pretty much covers all the ministries we hear and see, doesn’t it? And please do not forget that, as I presented in False Ministries (1): on YouTube, many seemingly “individually” operating youtubers are also Illuminati-sent actors. Their teaching materials have all the signatures of the Zionist’s agenda and some images are very expensive and sophisticated to make for an independent ministry. It is very likely that they are provided by those who hired them, therefore; they must show their allegiance to their boss with Kabbalistic symbols and signs. The operation is massive and vast, and the deceivers come in all forms, so that there is a deceiver for every believer.



In the late 1700s through early 1900s, the Illuminati began forming protestant denominations in more organized ways. Most famously, the Pentecostal Movement began as the Azusa Street Revival (1906 – 1915). Baptist denomination can be traced back to early 1600s in Amsterdam, but in North America, the First Great Awakening triggered and popularized it in mid-late 1700s. As we see today that the Kabbalists have been incessantly preaching the impending Third Great Awakening, the previous ones were probably instigated by them also. It has been a clear pattern that they create and use “revival” and “awakening” to draw people into their scheme and legitimize their false doctrines. Whether it is a form of Pentecostal or Baptist, or Messianic Jewish Movement … behind all these “Movements” … is the Kabbalist Illuminati.

So, naturally, all Bible colleges and seminaries that are associated with denominations were also established by Freemasons, and their insignias freely reveal it to us.

Then, in late 1700s, as Rothschild family was established as the first family, and the front, of the illuminati and they started taking over everything financially in Europe. At the same time, they clearly and intentionally planned to completely take over the christianity through Freemasonry, and have it completely under their power. And they did it, of course, by way of deception and infiltration.

The 1800s was the time they gained so much and planned everything in detail. By then, probably, almost all the christianity related things were controlled by the Illuminati. The term, “Zionism,” was coined by Theodor Herzel, and was established as the NWO goal in late 1800s, and Scofield “Deception” Bible was published with teachings of Zionistic and Dispensationalistic Pre-Tribulation by this time ALREADY. Later, the Dallas Theological Seminary became the epicenter of this false teaching.

In and around 1920s, they were busy with establishing the multiple denominations through Freemasonry and pushing the dispensationalism, replacement theology, pre-tribulation rapture, and healing revivals, word of faith movement, and all those heresies. This means that ALL DENOMINATIONS ARE MASONIC. You can easily tell by their masonic logos. But, I must add that masonic ministries are not limited to denominational ones. (Scroll down here to see a dozen Evangelical preachers making Masonic hand signs.)

And, to conclude, everything that happened after that, such as healing revivals, word of faith movement, charismatic movement, Pentecostal movement, Vineyard healing movement, grace and “you cannot possibly sin” teaching, sweet Jesus teaching, nice and boneless christian teaching, “Jesus People” movement, Messianic movement, Hebrew Roots movement, and practically ALL christianity related so called “movements” were orchestrated, run, and controlled by the Illuminati Masonic power behind them. Right now, there is a few false “movements” going on, such as New Apostolic Reformation led by C. Peter Wagner, Purpose Driven movement led by Rick Warren, Third Great Awakening led by Dutch Sheets and many, and Emerging Church, Kingdom Dominion, Joel’s Army, etc. Of course, this includes the cone-head Nephilim craze, alien invasion theory, blood moon false prophecy, and other “nosies” on the YouTube too.

This applies to any self-proclaimed “Ministries,” small or large, because, UNLESS YOU ARE PART OF THEM YOU CANNOT BE APPROVED OR ALLOWED TO HAVE A PLATFORM ON TV, CONFERENCE, PUBLISHING, RADIO, MAJOR EVENTS, or any other christian activities. THEY OWN AND RUN EVERYTHING. Think about it … if all the churches are controlled, you cannot have a significant presence in it unless you know someone …. can you? It is run like a mob. And, if you preach or teach what they do not approve, or if you question what they do, you will be harassed, attacked, and bullied until you stop and disappear … or else. Even this humble blog and its Facebook Pages have been receiving fair amount of harassment.

Here is another important truth: THEY ONLY PROMOTE THEIR OWN. Therefore, if someone is promoted on clearly Zionist Illuminati TV/Cable Network (those who love the Zionist Israel and teach to support them), such as TBN, DAYSTAR, CBN, and ALL christian networks, and TV/Internet programs, such as “It’s Supernatural” by Sid Roth, and “This is Your Day” by Benny Hinn, and on YouTube, “Prophecy In The News” by Gary Spearman, without a doubt, he/she is one of them. Also they promote by magazines, such as “Charisma Magazine” and “Christianity Today,” so, if they are promoted by them, they are all in on it without an exception. It is simply because the Illuminati own ALL the media outlets.

Yes .. all of them.

Therefore … only the small blogs and personal Websites are possible outlets for the truth, by the voice of some faithful servants who are called to tell the truth. Of course, there are many of those who are controlled but pretend to be innocent servants publishing on insignificant looking blogs … so we must be alert and watch out for the symbolism and other signs. As I said in many other posts, all the media and Internet are flooded by their agents. And literally ALL of the “ministries” are completely false.


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