Two Months After His Death Preserved Buddhist Monk “Smiles” Again

A Buddhist monk who was thought to be dead for two months after being said to be in a state that was consistent with a dead person for 36 hours and placed in a coffin is said to have smiled when taken out of the coffin.

The monk was said to be dead but had been preserved and looked as though he had not been dead for very long. He was said to have a strange smile on his face when taken from the coffin. Luang Phor Pian was a respected monk in Bangkok in Thailand and at age 92 died on November 16, 2017, following an illness.

Body Of Monk Had Barely Decayed In Two Months

Pian was born in Cambodia, and he had been a Buddhist monk and spiritual guru all his life in Lopburi in Thailand. His body was removed by his supporters from the coffin, which was at the temple he frequented and they were very surprised to find that the body had barely decayed in the two months. It was when they were removing his body from the coffin so that they could dress him in clean robes that they noticed he had a smile on his face.

Followers Believe Pian Had Reached Nirvana, The Ultimate Goal In Buddhism

His followers said that the peaceful state of Pian was a clear sign that he had reached the ultimate goal in life and death in Buddhism, the state of Nirvana. The followers of the monk have continued to pray for him, and they will continue to do that until the 100th day of the death of the monk when a final resting ceremony will be held.

Nirvana is a common term that has been used when talking about the ultimate goal in the path of a Buddhist. It is said to be the ultimate in spiritual goals and marks the soteriological release from rebirths in samsara. The term Nirvana has been linked with the extinction of three fires or poisons, passion, ignorance, and aversion. It is said that when these fires are put out the release from the cycle of rebirth occurs.

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