What Is It? Strange Creature Caught On Camera By Two Men In Australia

In an forest, in Australia, has been thrown into a fright after a bizarre story has emerged regarding two men being scared on a forest by what has been described as a ‘strange creature’.

That and more caught on camera. Real or fake? First video:

There is a creature that have been spotted near a container. The location is unknown but the creature caught on tape would be grey in color and kind of small. The monster, or the alien, ran. An amateur has recorded it on cell phone while driving past it. What could it be? Could it be a alien or a creature that lurks in that city at night?

This is a compilation of strange creatures and aliens and ghosts. It features creatures and other entitys I really can’t identify. It also includes alien/apparitions as well. I do not know the background of any of these so can’t give any more info.


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