What is this Planetary Object Looking Thing Next to the Post-Eclipse Moon?

In a video that is gaining some traction on websites dedicated to observing interesting phenomena like this, some “planetary object” looking this has been video recorded next to the moon.

Yesterday or about a day and a half ago, a full moon eclipse occurred. Could the eclipse have something to do with the appearance of this strange thing next to the moon?

A comment on the video says:

“What do we have here? A moon dog? A glitch in the matrix? In this video, a guy filmed the moon during the eclipse. Next, to it, you can see something that looks like a planetary object. Opinions?”

Some people believe that there are powerful individuals who hoard knowledge about the nature of the spirit and reality. They consider such things as, the fact that the origin of the age 18 as a marking point of adulthood is when an eclipse occurs where the eclipses occurred the year you were born.

Every 18 years, an eclipse happens in the same zodiac constellations that it did 18 years prior, and people believe that is the real origin of the age 18 as a point of adulthood.

The powers that be today certainly have an open reverence for the culture of ancient Rome: the powers from the 1700’s to now. Why was Capitol Hill, the location of the White House named Capitol Hill? Because of “Capitoline Hill,” in ancient Rome. The Freemasonic founders of the United States named it that to openly pay respect to Rome.

Why is this relevant? In Rome, they worshiped Saturn. The calendar people in the west use now, the Gregorian Calendar is a continuation of the Julian Calendar from Rome, which set its first day on January 1st when the Sun is in the center of Saturn’s sign, Capricorn.

The origin of the age 18 as a point of maturity, due to eclipses, may be a hint that there is more to eclipses than we realize.



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