Changing Human History: The Amazing Paracas Elongated Skull Results

After 5 years of hard work and negotiations with federal authorities, the DNA results of 12 of the Paracas Elongated Skulls from the coast of Peru are now in. Originally 18 skulls were tested, but the DNA of the other 6 was too badly degraded. These people died out 2000 years ago. 58 samples were tested, but many did not yield results…

As seen in the photo above, the difference between a normal ancient skull (a farmer from Inca times near Paracas) and that of what doctors state is a “natural” Paracas skull are alarmingly different. The medical doctor, chiropractor and anthropologist we had on our US based team stressed that the one on the right could not be the result of cranial deformation; it had to have been born that way.

The above skull, with genetic red hair was found to have the mitochondrial haplogroup U2e; meaning that its place of origin was likely in the Caucasus area; in the area of the Caspian and black Seas…this does not match standard archaeology what so ever…

And the one above, again natural in shape, with red wavy hair had a mitochondrial haplogroup of H2a, which strongly suggests an origin in extreme eastern Europe and again into the Caucasus mountains. Again, this does not fit with the conventional academic story that all Native people of Peru’s ancestors crossed the Bering land bridge from Siberia, with haplogroups A, B, C or D. The research into the ancient Paracas DNA will continue…and a book and DVD of the recent conference will be available at

Live Video Explanation of the Results

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