The Alien Yahel race and its connection with Humans

The extraterrestrial race Yahel also called the Sassani race, “La Shalinaya”, meaning “those who will come first”, is considered the first civilization to establish a formal three-dimensional contact with humans on Earth. This race is one of the human species in the universe. They are part of our galactic family, and very similar to us in their physical appearance, along with the Sassani and the Pleiadian races. The Yahel is a beautiful and elegant breed of hybrid beings, who consider us as their creators and parents since our DNA is the main component in their biological composition.

The most notable difference, between humans on Earth and Yahel, is the color and size of the eyes, being larger and with more specific colors, which is rarely found in humans. They look almost exactly like us, but there are other Yahel hybrid civilizations, which are also part of their collective, which may be a little more different than we in appearance. Not all Yahel beings share the same DNA structure. The average height of the Yahel is 1.70 meters high and its life expectancy is around 300 years.

They have 5 fingers on their hands and 4 toes. They have very short hair (blond or white). They have small ears, thin lips and large eyes with larger pupils, than humans on Earth. The color of eyes, in general, is green or blue. The aliens Yahel radiate very pure solar-golden energy and are one of the closest interstellar relatives we have. They have a very healthy relationship with their technology. Its DNA composition is composed of more than one human race, but our human DNA from Earth is the largest percentage of its genetic compound. This is the reason why they perceive themselves as the hybrid children of Earth humans, seeing us as their parents and genetic co-creators.

In fact, they are a mixture of human DNA, mixed with some other extraterrestrial (unknown) races. The Yahel receive enormous joy and love, interacting with us, and helping us to return to our awareness of our unconditionally loving nature, and to recognize that we are beings that are connected with the Infinite. In that sense, they want us to understand that there are other forms of life, not only human civilization, but that there are other beings and civilizations, and that we are part of this harmonious galactic family. The race Yahel can vibrate in fourth and fifth dimension.

They conceive and give birth to children, in the same way as humans on Earth. The female pregnancy lasts around 7 to 8 months. They walk, breathe, eat, sleep, and dream together. They value life and nurture each other in every way they can, at all times.

The civilization Yahel originates in a distant planetary place, and they reside in two planets, very similar to the Earth. The Yahel did not share the location of their planets or their names, and the only information we have is that one of the two planets is located approximately 4 light-years from Earth. Yahel said, that this information will be presented to us, in the near future, at an opportune moment, in which we can actually observe it, and confirm it through observations. They decided not to share the names and locations of their planets because in our current development, we will not be able to see these planets with our current technology or travel to them.

The Yahel live in harmony with their beautiful planet and all forms of life in it. They live in harmony with one another. The Yahel are helping us to remember how to live in harmony with the Earth, and with each other at all levels of our existence together. In a sense, they bring a timeless knowledge of outer space that will help us understand, how to fully enjoy our living space and the inner space of our heart. They help us to realize the magnificent and loving beings that we really are.

As the connection between us, humans, and the Yahel civilization unfolds, you will share more information about its history, our history, and more information about where we came from.

On March 13, 1997, there was a sighting of a large spacecraft that flew over Phoenix, Arizona. This phenomenon is known as the Phoenix lights. The Yahel said that they were not ready for the third-dimensional contact with the human race. During the event, thousands of people from the state of Arizona watched the light show in the sky. In fact, there are 4 videos of this sighting.

So, they have been visiting other cities around the world and we will see them again very soon. The idea is that they will continue to be shown to acclimate the idea of their existence. Then the first contact will occur when we are really ready.

The Yahel race is much more evolved consciously than we are. They are spiritually advanced and highly telepathic. It is easy for them to read our thoughts through a process called channeling. This is a process of the telepathic interface between a human and the extraterrestrial, which allows telepathic communication and the exchange of information.

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