Ancient aliens/Anunnaki

Anunnaki structures before the flood

Regarded as Gods by the ancient Summerians, these beings came from the stars to our world long ago in forgotten history with the purpose of creating and guiding humanity, and also for the gathering of resources that was abundant in our lands and soils.

Anunnaki created mankind

They arrived on Earth with spaceships and settled here, The name of this race of extraterrestrial beings is the “Anunnaki”. They hail from the hidden planet Nibiru, and it is said that it belongs to our solar system.

They had their presence marked all around the world, with their legends told through out many cultures and lands. We can learn from ancient beliefs that the Anunnaki created mankind and taught many things. They made humans to do labor for them, from mining to constructing buildings and spaceports. They lived with humanity for a long time, even before and after the great deluge.

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