Do You Know About If You Make It To 2050, You Will Probably Live Forever ?

Live until 2050, and you might just live forever.

Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson thinks that human beings are now very close to achieving immortality, so for anyone who is under 40 years of age, this is good news as he predicts that if you can live until 2050, you might live forever.

Human beings have longed for a way to cheat death for many decades. The alchemists in Ancient Greece first tried to create the philosophers stone, which would allow humans to live forever.

Dr. Pearson believes that there are many ways that people could live forever but not before the year 2050. He said that anyone who dies close to 2050 might just go down in the history books as being among the last humans to die from old age.

Technology Is Improving Fast So Immortality Is Not Far Off

Pearson said that there are lots of people who want to live forever and this is not something new but thanks to new technology improving fast there are now many people who think that they might actually achieve immortality during their lifetime. He said that one way of extending life is through biotechnology and medicine that would renew the body along with allowing it to rejuvenate.

Pearson admitted that no one would want to live forever if they were 95 years of age, however, if the body could be rejuvenated to 29 or 30 years of age then people would want to do that. The doctor thinks that there are many ways in which that might be achievable and one of them is by genetic engineering that stops or even reverses cells aging.

Another way is to replace the body’s vital organs with brand new ones. This might not be as far-fetched as it sounds as scientists are working out how to make human organs using 3D printers that have living cells. If this works out, it might mean that humans will not be needed as organ donors.

Linking Minds with Robots

Another way of living forever is with the help of robots. Pearson said that people might be able to link their minds to robots and this way people will be living in a cloud. He went on to explain that the mind would be in a cloud and any robot body would be used by humans for them to interact with the real world.

He proposes that this might be achievable in 50 years from now and people might be able to hire a robot, which they can have their consciousness uploaded into to walk around. He said that if someone wanted to go halfway around the world and experience a night at the Sydney Opera House, they could have their consciousness uploaded into a robot’s body in Australia.

Pearson claims that by storing the memory and consciousness of a person in the cloud when the body dies the mind could be uploaded into a realistic robot body for that person to continue living. He pointed out that right now there are sex dolls or robots that look like real people and act like real people to some point. In another twenty or thirty years they will have developed enough so that they will be very human-like.

The doctor said that immortality would not be achieved until 2045 to 2050 and at first the cost of uploading the consciousness to a cloud and into a robot would be high. He believes that the first people to do just this will be the rich of the world but then the cost would come down.

By 2070 Robotic Bodies May Be Supplied Through NHS

Dr. Pearson predicts that by 2070 people should be able to get their brains uploaded to the cloud and have a robotic body on the NHS. While it will not be immortality in the traditional sense, it will be some sense of immortality.

The doctor said that people might be able to get premium offerings by going privately or it could be made available in the more basic form on the NHS. The rich people, of course, would get special treatment and they could pick and choose the bodies they wanted, while on the NHS a person might get only one robotic body and it would be basic.

People Could Live In a Virtual World

Another option would be to live in a computer simulation or virtual world. Pearson pointed out that today many people spend a lot of time online so living in a virtual world would not be much different. He said that people could have anything they wanted, virtually as everything would be imaginary. People would have unlimited intelligence, and their minds could be in many places at one and be linked with many other minds.

One of the trickiest things about all of this is surviving to 2050.


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