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Mysterious UFO ‘object’ spotted near Area 51 on Google Maps

A strange and unidentified object has been spotted outside a military base near Area 51.

Pictures of the weird object were first posted to Twitter by SecureTeam10, a YouTube channel which describes itself as ‘the number one source for breaking news and exposure of the alien phenomenon’. ‘

What the heck is this at Area 51?’ SecureTeam10 asked.

We have been given the Google Maps coordinates of the object by a Twitter user named Joshua B, who lives in California.

He also posted a screenshot from a different mapping service which shows a similar shape dug from the sand nearby as well as sand in the middle of the object.

Mysterious UFO 'object' spotted near Area 51 on Google Maps

The bizarre shape was spotted in a remote area near a military base

The ‘UFO’ was actually spotted near Naval Weapons Center China Lake, which is about 500 miles away from Area 51. Some observers have suggested it’s a water reservoir or even a cesspit. There is a boat nearby, which indicates that it could be used for sailing or perhaps testing boats. However, this rather prosaic explanation was not enough for some Twitterers.

Mysterious UFO 'object' spotted near Area 51 on Google Maps

There are boats and other vehicles located near the ‘anomaly’

‘That, my friends, is one of the ships that’ll be used in a fake alien invasion,’ one nervous chap tremored.

‘Will be used to scare the masses. Remember this pic.’

Others questioned why you would test boats in a desert – and also whether the site was a military testing zone.

One person said: ‘It’s for boats. There is a boat nearby. That is a large pool of water with a launch ramp. Why is the question? WHY?’

It was later suggested that the object could be the result of some sort of glitch in Google Maps.




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