Astronaut accused of hiding ALIEN life after blocking ISS live stream ‘showing UFO’

THIS is the moment an apparent UFO was sighted on NASA’s live satellite coverage.

In the clip, you see a small white object enter the shot, before it appears to change direction.

As the subject fires off at speed, a huge white glove seems to cover the camera lens.

And UFO hunters claim the move was a deliberate attempt to hide alien life, after it was uploaded to YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot yesterday.

The video was titled: “Astronaut caught trying to hide UFOS near ISS on live stream.”


UFO? The astronaut has been accused of covering up alien life

In the footage, the editor claims the UFO “powered up” – causing it to glow before it took off.

The clip was also slowed down to show the moment someone blocked the view.

This isn’t the first time we have seen UFOs covered up on the ISS live stream, though.

Last month, an object described as “hundreds of miles long” was seen on the feed, before it cut.

And days later a similar event occurred after a mysterious object was spotted on the stream.

The International Space Station is used as a microgravity and space environment research laboratory.


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