27 pairs of severed human hands wash up on Russian island

Multiple severed hands shock residents in Russia.

A bag containing 54 human hands, believed to be pairs from 27 people, has been discovered on the shore of Khabarovsk, near the Chinese Border. The bag was found at a favorite fishing location on the Beshennaya channel of the Amur River. A resident of the nearby city of Khabarovsk discovered a single hand washed up and exposed in the snow, which ultimately led the authorities to the discovery of the bag and its disturbing contents.

As yet, there is no information as to where the hands came from and how they ended up washed up on the shores of Khabarovsk. Why they were removed from their owners is also a mystery, although there are many theories. Some popular explanations include that the hands were removed as punishment for crimes committed, or that they were cut off dead bodies at a medical facility.

As a medical facility has better ways of disposing of amputated body parts than throwing them in or nearby a river, it has been suggested that perhaps the dead were harvested for organs by black market sellers and that the hands, which can be used to identify the corpses, were cut off to prevent just that. Local reports claim that medical wrappings and plastic shoes such as the ones utilized by hospitals were found along with the hands, lending credibility to the theory of the appendages originating from a hospital or morgue.

Residents of the area reported nothing out of the ordinary and could not shed light on the bizarre discovery. Fingerprints were successfully extracted from one of the hands and the others are being examined. This may give the investigators answers as to who some of the people used to be, whether or not they are still living, and where they may be located now.


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