On YouTube, polemic after alíen interrogated in Area 51(vídeo)

Controversy. Millions of YouTube users have been perplexed after the appearance of a viral video that shows the supposed “interrogation” of a possible “extraterrestrial” in Area 51, in the United States. Here we tell you what things said this alien that, possibly, would be an “evolved” human.

The audiovisual material, uploaded to YouTube by the DOCU-MISTERIO channel, shows us an alleged “extraterrestrial”, tied hands and being “interrogated” in English by a group of soldiers allegedly in Area 51 of the United States.

As explained by the extraterrestrial, he would come from the future and is a “descendant” evolved from human beings; however, they can not reproduce with us, because they are a “new species”. After giving this revelation, the alien decided to shut up, as can be seen in the YouTube video.

 However, the threats of the military, who wanted to know the origin of the universe, made him speak again. Unfortunately, the extraterrestrial assured that we are not prepared to understand or accept the truths of existence.

In the images, the extraterrestrial assumption affirms that this universe is not unique, that is to say, there exist several universes and not in all it lodges what we call life.

Finally, the extraterrestrial assured that there would be a nuclear war, which would end with humanity and before he answered when it would take place, the YouTube video ends; however, it is said that the continuation will soon be uploaded.


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