After A Test On Alien Body Scientist Say Humans Are Alien species

20,000-year-old ancient Sumerian clay tablets—which mention the ‘real’ history of Earth—describe how our species was CREATED much sooner than mainstream scholars suggest, by beings which came from elsewhere in the cosmos.

According to numerous ancient texts and books are written throughout the years, hundreds of thousands of years ago, before recorded history, planet Earth was visited by astronauts from an alien world. These beings ‘splashed down’ in what is today the Persian Gulf, after detecting reserves of gold in southeast Africa and made a colonial expedition to Earth.

“As it says in the Bible the earth is set firm and I’ll movable on its foundation….it’s not a spinning ball…. space aliens are fake and stars can be seen in a p900 as strange shape shift lights they are not balls either… god said that he created a firmament above us…Nobody has ever past it ..Tesla did not put a car in space you see space is faked….. there is land outside our fake map and advanced technology out there but these are probably the first Adams a pure race more advanced and way ahead of the inner world there are clues to this in movies example hell boy… also clues in history admiral Byrd and Hitler all claim to have met them.. go towards these facts to find truth also look up iron mountain …”

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