“My Father Was Replaced With A Reptilian”

This story was sent to the American UFO website MUFON on February 4, 2018.It occurred in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia (USA) in 1991. The author’s name is not specified.

“Everything that happened to me was terrible.” In 1991, I saw two strange people who were probably agents of the CIA or some secret government organization who kidnapped my father, and when I saw him again, he looked like my father, but, as I later learned, he really was a reptilian reptile.


He began to live with me under the guise of my father and treated me roughly enough, but he told me a lot.He said that he can cure any disease simply with his bare hands. And also that he looks down on people like we are on sheep.

The reptiloid knew that I was witnessing how agents abducted my real father. After the abduction of my father, I was also taken to some place and forced to sign certain documents. There was a group of people resembling a special-purpose detachment and there was also a man who looked like my father.

I found out that he was actually a reptilian, for he once tracked him at night and saw a long thin serpent tongue emerging from his mouth. There was a man who helped him, he was quite small, probably a dwarf. I suspect that he was “gray” disguised as a man.


Once I heard how they talked among themselves first in ordinary English, and then in a strange language, similar to an Oriental language.

Yes, I’m not just telling my terrible story, I want to tell everyone that these creatures are among us and they hide under the guise of people. The truth is, I’ve never seen any UFO-like objects near them.
I also want to report that my real father was taken away somewhere, accompanied by a retired military man, and so I suspect that he was engaged in something suspicious, connected with government secrets. Perhaps it was his activity that led to such a sad outcome.
In addition, I found an implant under my skin. To the touch it is like a triangle or a rhombus. They also left me an unusual scar on my leg. I never told anyone anything about these things, because I was very frightened. These creatures seem to work outside the bounds of any laws and are not afraid of anything. And no one can stop them.
They also seem to have done something with my brains, something like a mental wash, and also conducted other types of experiments on me. That’s why I’m still afraid and do not want to reveal my identity. “



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