This Kid Believes he Recorded an Interdimensional Being on his Phone

In an unidentified country that speaks Spanish, a kid reportedly recorded what they think is some kind of interdimensional entity on a cell phone.

While his dad was on the computer, this kid took a video of his dad and something strange was caught in the footage. The footage doesn’t last long but it is strange. Is it fake or no?

Translation: A child captured images of a strange creature or monster while using his camera phone. The image is brief but disturbing. He was taking a video of his father at the computer. He took shots of the tattoo on his back, quickly brought the camera to his own face, then back to his father. Later, after reviewing the phone footage, the child noticed the image of another “person” or “monster”, which was not initially in the same room with them. The mother mentioned how they were surprised and how she thought the image was of someone “not natural” or “futuristic”. The father related, “we have heard things around the house before, but never seen “something” or “someone” before. He was flabbergasted.

If one is to believe this story is true, it sounds a little reminiscent of something that happened in a work of fiction, Twin Peaks.

In Twin Peaks, there was a military experiment in which a man was instructed to stare at a glass box, while being offered no explanation for what he was supposed to find in this box.

The work of fiction implied that the glass box was connected to some kind of other dimension, because a violent, interdimensional kind of monster appeared in the box and killed the military man who was watching it, and his girl.

In Twin Peaks, Agent Cooper, one of the main characters also appeared in the glass box while escaping this interdimensional kind of place they call the Black Lodge.

(note: there is nudity in this scene)

Works of fiction can quite effectively tell us about our own reality sometimes.


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