Visit of aliens to the bedroom of a resident of Kansas and her story under hypnosis

Date of the event: between August 21, 2017 and August 31, 2017. The story was sent to the American UFO website MUFON.

“My husband and I woke at one o’clock in the morning from the fact that our dogs whined under the door of our bedroom and asked us to let them in. But before we went to bed they locked them in an aviary on the street and the door to the back yard was also closed. My husband joked that probably these aliens teleported dogs from the yard to the house, and I smiled and replied that “it would be fun.

“We took the dogs outside and locked them in the cage and then returned to our room and closed the door. But a few minutes later our bedroom door opened and two strange little creatures entered. More precisely did not enter, but as if floated through the air.

As soon as I saw them, my body pinched like a paralysis, and the air around seemed to thicken and everything began to happen very slowly, like in a time-lapse shot. I began to fiercely resist and at some point I succeeded and I fell on the bed.

The first creature stood at the door, as if on guard, I did not see it, but I knew it was there, and the second was inside the room, but it was very difficult to see. Around him, the streams of air swirled and the creature vibrated slightly, my eye could barely focus on his figure.

The first thing I noticed in his appearance, he had a very white face with strongly protruding brow ridges, like a wearing mask. The creature was dressed in a gray suit and had a rather thin neck protruding from a wide gate. In the middle of the suit was something like a belt.

The energy that I felt from this creature was unfamiliar to me, but I did not like it. I also noted that I can feel myself from both sides – sitting on the bed and at the same time observing from somewhere on top of my body for what is happening in the room.

My husband was lying next to me and I felt that I needed to protect him. At that moment, I somehow created a strong protective field around him and me. From above it looked like the surrounding blue circle.Then I felt such discomfort from the surrounding energy that the upper part of me “swam” out of the bedroom. I “swam out” and “swam” over our pool in the courtyard. Outside, I noticed a bright light, but could not understand where he was coming from, the moon or it was artificial lighting.

Then at one point I was “sucked” back into the bedroom in my body on the bed and I woke up. There was no one in the bedroom. I woke up my husband and began to tell him that there were some creatures that came here like Peter Pan.

My husband felt that he was off, but he could remember nothing more. Then we noticed that when it started on the clock was 3:23, and now the clock was 4:14. That is, this strange incident lasted almost an hour. “

Narrated by Hypnosis

After some time, this woman signed up for a hypnosis session and during the session the woman remembered what happened to her after she “swam out” from the bedroom and was over the pool.
“I remember being in a very white room with a metal table in the middle, I was swimming right above the table and then I saw that there were many other creatures in this room, they were in white clothes and looked like mantises, including 2 or 3 creatures with big heads. “There was a strong, incomprehensible rumble in the room.

Then I saw a warm golden light pouring from above. He seemed to scan me, read the information, piercing with energy. And then there were a lot of lights that turned into bubbles and flying around me.

After that, I was carried along with some other creature along a long tunnel and at the end I was put in something like water or a liquid gel. It pulsed like electricity and I felt like I was being crushed by waves of this energy. The buzz became very strong and I was again pulled into some dark tunnel. There was a spot of light and I realized that I was being led to my bedroom. Then four blue creatures appeared and they looked down at me.

I was in my bedroom and came to my senses. Then, after hypnosis, I remembered that in that white room there were other people besides me. And it was a strange place, it seemed to exist outside time and space.

After all this, on October 22, 2017, I went to the sensory deprivation chamber and there I again experienced the moment of traveling through the tunnel, which was like a wormhole in the universe. After this session, that same night, I woke up with a feeling of something violent that had been done to me. My eyes seemed to be beating inside the eye sockets and for a while I could not move. The rest of the night I spent in the bathroom, moving away from it.

Later, I was with a doctor and he diagnosed me Benign paroxysmal positional dizziness (BPPV). I still have medical problems because of this condition. I am an artist. In the future, I want to paint everything that happened to me that night. 

Benign positional paroxysmal dizziness (BPPV) is a pathology of the inner ear. The exact causes of the disease are unknown. The disease usually manifests itself in sudden short-term, severe attacks of dizziness. Sometimes there is nausea and vomiting.

The sensor deprivation chamber , or float capsule (English float – free to float, keep on the surface) is a camera that isolates a person from any sensations. It is realized in the form of a tank in which sounds, light and smells do not penetrate. The tank is filled with a solution of high density (a solution of English salt in water), the temperature of which corresponds to the temperature of the human body.

Placed in a tank man is as if in weightlessness. For the first time such a camera was used by John Lilly in 1954 to study the effects of sensory deprivation. Such cameras are also used for meditation, relaxation and in alternative medicine.


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