A Passenger On The Plane Filmed The Whole Fleet Of UFOs

During an air flight, many passengers just love to look out the window, because floating down (but not habitually at the top) clouds really seem to be a fantastic picture. But if you’re lucky, this little tale can suddenly swoop in and do something outrageous .

That’s what happened with a passenger (author of the video – see below), which in February flew from Vancouver to Taipei and also admire the clouds. When suddenly… he noticed something incredible – the whole fleet of UFOs, which the man hastened to remove on the camera of your smartphone. These mysterious spherical balls don’t actually resemble any natural formation, and, of course, this may not be the earth’s fleet of aircraft.

The operator clarifies that filmed this shortly before landing in the capital of Taiwan, and he had to do it quite quickly and quietly, as to remove during the flight only with the permission of the crew members – hence the interrupted record, as they say, in mid-sentence…

Specialists ufologists and meteorologists find it difficult to answer what it is in reality, perhaps some balloons or balloons, but the Taiwan authorities have not yet commented on the inquiry about it that really complicates the work of independent researchers. In our world, they note, sometimes the secrets are created in a vacuum, because officials do not like to speak the truth, but in the case when they have nothing to say, also silent. Hence the world is full of all kinds of conspiracy theories, all kinds of confusion and fantastical speculation.

Video: plane Passenger filmed a UFO fleet


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