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Alien satellite set up 12,000 years ago to spy on humans is shot down by the ILLUMINATI, claim conspiracy theorists

An alien satellite set up more than 12,000 years ago to spy on humans has been shot down by elite soldiers from the Illuminati, UFO hunters claim.

The spacecraft, known as the Black Knight Satellite, was blasted by a ‘secret Illuminati warplane’, in a clip that conspiracy theorists claim was posted on WikiLeaks.

The radical claims were made by controversial UFO channel SecureTeam10 who believes Nasa is covering up evidence of aliens.

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“Why us? Just a normal day in space and we get shot down ffs. Good thing my escape pod was there. I’m going to tell the others!” – The Black Knight satellite

“I think it’s funny that there are so many people that come here to post retarded comments …get a life ..thanks again tyler👽…not sure what that is but at 4:08 there is another ufo that comes across the screen bottom left..people that have not seen 1st hand that this is real stuff going on to us worldwide..just don’t understand but they do have some dumbass comments probably flat earth, people ”

“The real question is if they really did destroy the black knight for what reasons did they do so. Was the black knight starting to transmit again and they were afraid that we normal peons can now decipher the code, or was it to stop something else from finding the signal and coming here? Both? All I know is I’m beyond pissed that a relic, that probably held knowledge beyond our greatest imagination, the key to why we exist, a message of how to travel the stars, all the f’ing things that Hollywood had been drip feeding us for decades, destroyed in a matter of minutes. And again nothing will be done, the truth will be suppressed, we will have lied to our faces as we have been since the dawn of our people, always in the dark only being able to see the light that is given showing us what path we ‘should’ follow vs the path we can all find ourselves. Red is the only color I see nowadays for anger, fear, and lies are the knots that make up the noose that will hang ourselves with. Sorry for the rant. What are your thoughts if I caught your attention. I’m seriously pissed, are you? ” – Jake


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