All Major Relics of Jesus Have the Same Blood Type

For centuries there have been reports of sightings of Jesus- in cloth, in food, clouds or in whatever material the form takes place. If he is not physically present, his presence has been felt or displayed. Statues have cried and the sick have been miraculously healed. Another phenomenon to occur is during the Catholic communion. The Host (bread) represents the body of Christ and the wine is, of course, his blood. There have been of number reports throughout the centuries of the Host actually turning into human tissue and of the wine turning into real blood. This is called a Eucharistic miracle. Some of these relics still remain and due to modern scientific abilities, the blood and tissue remains can now be tested and possibly connected to each other, despite the hundreds of years that may separate them.

An Italian Monk in the 8th century managed to preserve the earliest of these relics. The blood wine and the blood traces remaining in the tissue were determined to be type AB, the rarest. The tissue was also noted to be that of a human heart.

Another incident occurred in 1996 when an Argentinian woman retrieved a leftover piece of Host and the church’s priest disposed of it in the usual fashion- in water. However, they claim it turned into tissue and blood while submerged. This was then photographed and preserved. It was eventually sent for testing and it was revealed that once again the blood type was AB and that the tissue was a human heart. The Host turning into a heart may be symbolic of Christ’s love of mankind.

There are numerous reports from throughout the centuries of the Host itself acting in an unusual manner including several accounts of stolen Host that was able to fly, stabbed Host that bled and transformed pieces that miraculously survive the destruction surrounding it.

While most of the stories lack evidentiary support, they don’t cancel out the bizarre connection between the samples that have survived.

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