Spontaneous Teleportation? Vanished Patient Found Dead In Hospital Ceiling

A mystery that cannot be explained is being looked into at the Stellenbosch Hospital in South Africa where a patient mysteriously disappeared and found 13 days later.

The 61-year-old man was first admitted to the Paarl Hospital to undergo surgery on his abdomen. Following the operation on his stomach, he was then taken to the Stellenbosch Hospital where it was said he would make a recovery.

Nurse Left Room For 1 Minute And Man Disappeared From Room

On October 5 a nurse entered the room, and the man was safely in his bed. She left the room for under one minute to go and fetch clean linen for the beds and when she came back into the room he had disappeared from the bed in which he had been laying and which it was said that he could not move from.

The staff in the hospital, along with police investigating the case has no idea as to how he disappeared from his bed as he was said to be in a post-operative state.

How Did He End Up Dead In Hospital’s Ceiling?

Thirteen days later the body of the man was found in the hospitals ceiling in what was described as being an area that was isolated and no one has any idea why or how he got there. The region where the body of the man was found was said to be very difficult to reach and construction work had been ongoing in the hospital which made the search for the man more difficult.

Right now the police remain baffled as to how a man who could not have possibly got out of his bed, let alone climbed up into the ceiling in a remote area, managed to get up there.

It has been suggested that perhaps the man was teleported into the ceiling, but if so by whom? While teleportation might sound like something that is seen in Star Trek, scientists have recently published a paper about being able to teleport information 10 feet. Of course, this is not a human being and all the experiments associated with the quantum information.


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