Two UFOs spotted zooming past helicopter near air rescue

UFOs spotted close to rescue helicopter off the coast of France.

Footage has been captured showing two UFOs as they sped past a helicopter, which was hovering over the crash site of a ship off the coast of France. The disc-shaped objects flew behind a military helicopter and were captured on film by a local news crew.

UFOs Watch Rescue of Cargo Ship That Hit Sea Wall

The strange footage was taken on February 2014, and it has only just come to light following it was featured in a book with the title of UFO Photo. The 100m cargo ship The Luno hit the sea wall at Anglet, and it broke into two pieces leaving twelve people stranded that needed to be rescued. The engine of the ship had failed and left it stranded in an ever-increasing choppy Atlantic.

The two UFOs were seen to be flying in formation, and they came close to the helicopter and seemed to be watching the on-going rescue operation. Jason Gleave, a former RAF man, studied the film with computer technology and he said that the objects are not seagulls or drones. He went on to say that when he had analyzed the footage, he could see two objects that had passed close to the back of the helicopter at high velocity and they were very close.

UFOs Flew in Compact Tight Formation At High Speed

There have been many theories about what the two objects might have been, and the most likely scenarios were that they were birds or drones. Drones were ruled out due to them being in close proximity to the rescue helicopter and the weather being volatile and unpredictable. Gleave said that on closer analysis the two objects remain together as they are flying and they were in a tight and compact formation that did not deviate.

Nick Pope also backed the research of Gleave; Pope ran the MODs UFO desk for many years. He said that Gleave had been involved in a lot of research and had investigated many UFOs along with other mysteries and he specializes in imagery analysis. Pope went on to say that Gleave has plenty of experience and skill in examining videos and photos carefully and being able to determine what is the real deal and what is fiction.

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