We May Soon Meet Aliens, But To Them, Were Not More Than ‘Forest Animals’

The American theoretical physics professor Michio Kaku, famous for the revolutionary string theory has said that before 2100 we will find alien life exists, despite the fact that to aliens, humans are nothing more than forest animals.

Still, Kaku explained, “For the most part, the aliens are not going to be interested in us because we’re so arrogant to believe that we have something to offer them.”

Whether or not we are alone in the universe is one of the most discussed topics on Earth. Is there extraterrestrial life, or are we alone in the vast universe?

For American physicist Michio Kaku there is no doubt that there is alien life, and he even believes that we will soon establish contact with beings from another world.

The professor of theoretical physics at The City College in New York has said during a question session on Reddit that before the year 2010 we will get in touch with an alien civilization.


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