2 Commercial Pilots Say They Saw UFO While Flying Over Arizona; Audio Released

Two different airliner pilots witnessed something strange in the skies over Arizona. Both came across a UFO and pilots gave audio recordings (listen the audio at the end of the article) describing the strange encounter that has the FAA in awe.

Pilots of Learjet Claims UFO Passed Over the Top of the Plane

The incident occurred over Arizona last month. However, the audio recording only just recently got released to the public, and it offers evidence of an aerial sighting that even the FAA cannot explain. The encounter occurred on 24 February in airspace over Arizona when the pilot in a Learjet airliner that was operated by the Phoenix Air Group got in touch with Air Traffic Control when they noticed something that could not be explained.

The pilots both saw something very strange, and one could be heard on a recording asking if anyone was above them and had passed them 30 seconds ago. The air traffic controller could be heard answering the pilot saying “negative.” The air traffic controller was situated at the Albuquerque Air Traffic Centre in New Mexico. The pilot said ok but did not sound convinced and then went on to say that something had passed them by. It was not long after the first pilot had reported seeing the UFO that a second pilot was heard talking about an object that flew past them.

American Airline Pilot Also Saw UFO Overhead

The second pilot could be heard saying that a UFO had flown past and the other pilot responded by saying “yes.” This was a couple of minutes after the air traffic controller contacted the second airliner taking a route that was similar to the first and told the pilots to watch out for anything passing above them during the next 15 miles. The American Airlines pilot was confused at first and was heard to say “if anything passes over?”

The air traffic controller then went on to talk to the pilots of the Learjet and American Airlines Airbus, who clarified what they had seen flying above them. They said that they had no idea what it was but it was not an airplane and the path was going in the opposite direction. Not long after the pilot of an American Airlines Airbus 321 witnessed the same thing. He said that something had passed right over the top of them at about 2,000 to 3,000 feet above them.

Pilot Said He Saw Beaming Light or Huge Reflection Overhead

There was more confusion between the air traffic controller when the pilot was asked if the object was in motion or whether it had been flying at the time he saw it and the pilot of the Airbus could not answer. He said that he had been unable to make out what it was but that it was a beaming light or had a huge reflection and it was many thousands of feet above them but heading in the opposite direction.

The air traffic controller was trying to find out what the two had seen and asked the pilots if they thought it was a Google Balloon but the pilots said it was doubtful. The FAA stated to the media and said that they did not have any other comment beyond what had been hard on the tapes. They said that other than the conversation that had taken place between the aircraft and the aircraft controller, they were unable to verify any other form of aircraft had been in the region. It was said that they worked closely with other agencies and handled military aircraft along with civilian aircraft of many types, including balloons at high-altitude.

Check out the audio recording in the video below:


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