Earth Is Flat: A Third Of All Millennials Believe This

Can people believe in this day and age that the Earth is flat? Well, there are a substantial number of millennials who think this is true.

It’s a topic of conversation that members of the public have all taken part in down the pub or at least ‘overheard,’ some of the respondents that took part in the survey may be trolling, it seems a very fashionable thing to do among the younger generation.

Let’s look at the statistics

Two-thirds of people think that the Earth is flat and surrounded by a thick wall of ice. The digital age has been watching too many movies.

Don’t blame politics, don’t blame religion?

Research shows that beliefs of this being true are not believed as much by the older generation, 94% of people who took the survey agree that our Mother Earth is indeed round, spherical, circular.

Republicans are among one of the main brackets of people who firmly believe that Earth isn’t flat, an enormous 89% of them. Our beloved Democrats were not quite so believing of a round Earth but still had an 83% vote in favor of Earth being a spherical shape.

Another interesting fact is that religion plays a strong role in people’s beliefs of a flat Earth, 50% of flat-Earthers answered them self to be very religious. It keeps getting better though as some actually have an answer for what happens when we fall off the edge of the Earth.

Connor, the son of legendary flat Earther David Murphy claims to know a few things about the reality of the situation, NASA is covering up their lack of findings from overspending over 15 trillion dollars. People love to live in a bubble and NASA are happy to provide it for them. Is this the reality humanity is now facing? Where is everything a conspiracy?

Keep watching the stars.


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