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Man Who Is 5,0000 Years Old Still Alive In India Uttar Pradesh [VIDEO]

5,000-year-old man found living in India Uttar Pradesh? This story is absolutely unbelievable, and yet the legend of Ashwathama might make the human beings of Hindu faith trust it.

Legends and rumors about those who are supposedly no longer of this world are secretly still roaming amongst the living.

Apparently, a five,000-yr-vintage man has been located dwelling in some temples inside the Indian nation of Uttar Pradesh (UP)! The group, visited shrines just like the Liloti Nath Mandir, the Shivrajpur Mandir and the Khaireshwar Mandir in UP, and anywhere the legend of this man existed.

Locals trust that this 5,000-yr-old guy is genuinely Ashwathama from the epic Mahabharat. In each temple, he plays puja each morning at sunrise, offering water to god or the idols.

This occurs every day without fail, even if the temple doors are locked. The reporter also speaks to a few docs, pujaris and residents to verify the story.

You need to watch this unique video to recognize more approximately this legend. Although this video feature is two years vintage, it is nonetheless relevant, as the legend of the 5,000-yr-vintage man nonetheless exists.

Watch it here to know more!

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