Alive Aliens UFO Crash Filmed By Cops – Extraterrestrials Are Here

For the best results watch on big HD screen, mobile phone screen will not show all the incredible details

All these things fell on earth from space – some were stranger than the others.
But UFO that fell March 7, 2017, shattered all doubts about the reality of Intelligent Aliens.

March 7 – 8 AM. North Nevada & South Oregon see giant flaming UFO going down in pieces.

It’s 8 AM in Colorado. Sun is already up but something is very wrong.
After multiple explosions, tornadoes of snow and weird particles went up to the sky.

Several cars on I-40 were damaged by the shockwave.
About the same time, locals were launching their boat for the first time since winter in Green River, Utah

When multiple flaming debris crashed into the river.
Slow down version shows dozens of high-speed small objects crashing into the river & banks.

Something way larger fell on the river bank
They launched the boat to come closer
This is as close as they got before stopped by chopper
Another chopper recovered large UFO part nearby
FEDs told them “Nothing to see just a boat crash” and confiscated this film “for evidence”

Now tell me, does this look like a crushed boat to you?

Another couple was luckier – they came way closer to another part of UFO crashed in Utah

As soon they heard sonic booms and flashes – they started to drive to that direction

They saw something burning in the snow and FEDs swarming the scene
After new explosions, FEDs pulled back & they managed to see a humanoid in an escape pod

At least 1,000 UFO parts landed across the central US. This one near Salt Lake
Federal Agents also could not resist but to film

It was one of them who leaked us confiscated films


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