If you knew what we do, you will never sleep again – NASA Director

Paul Hertz, Director of the Astrophysics Division of the NASA, shared at IMGUR this amazing statement about aliens.

Be careful what you wish for. If you guys knew even a fraction of the shit we do, you will never sleep again. I promise you that” – Paul Hertz Director of the astrophysics division at NASA. Paul Hertz was named Director of the Astrophysics Division in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA in March 2012.

He is responsible for the Agency’s research programs and missions necessary to discover how the universe works, explore how the universe began and developed into its present form, and search for Earth-like planets.

But the truth is, that humanity is monitored by aliens since our creation mainly through the Anunnaki and other races. They are our creators and are responsible for us. Humans were at the beginning brutal beasts and many are in this mental state until today.

The Anunnaki decided to give us time so that we can mature our souls until the End of Days when the Son of the Creator returns. He will judge the nations and HE shall decide who will be spared. You may know this story. It was given from generation to generation. We call it today the 3 Abrahamic religions.

“Don’t believe a word NASA or Ex Nasa says. It’s going to boil down to a staged Alien invasion anyway. They’re just leaking the Storyline bit by bit. There’s going to be a catastrophe on earth and the Aliens will get the blame. Mark my words.”


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