Man Has To Pay Tax For Solar Energy He Generates Himself

A man who wanted to be independent and not pay tax on energy bills designed his own home and built it. Kris Currie wanted to go off-grid and looked into transforming his home so that it became an energy-creating complex. However, his plan has not worked out as he thought, as he still has to pay tax on his own solar energy.

Home Was Specifically Built To Create Energy

Currie built his home in New Dominion, Prince Edward Island in Canada so that every aspect of it created energy. He had a dream of not paying any taxes to the government for the energy he used that he had made himself. However, the man was in for a shock as he got a bill for the tax on each kilowatt per hour that he had produced through his home as he produces it himself.

The net-zero home Currie built had him thinking that he would not have to pay the tax, but he was still charged harmonized sales tax, HST. This meant that even though he does not have to pay anything for his energy bills themselves, Currie still has to pay out a tax each month even though he does not incur charges.

Set-Up is One Way Government Puts People Off Living Off Grid

Currie said that he thinks it is rubbish and he should be exempt. He went on to explain that he was using it for heat for one and oil was exempt. He said that as he was now producing electricity, he was being charged for it. The set-up is another of the schemes of the government to try to stop people from living off the grid. Recently the government in the US stopped people building tiny eco-friendly homes.

CBC made a statement about the case and said that the home of Currie was generating more electricity than what he was using and the excess was fed into the electricity grid of the P.E.I, and it is then sold to Maritime Electric customers and they pay HST for what they use.

Currie spent around $46,000 when he built his home with solar panels so that he would not be charged for energy bills, but it did not turn out this way.


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