Mesmerizing ‘Reindeer Circles’ Caught on film in Russia

A video has come from Russia that shows a large reindeer herd moving around in a circle, but no one has any idea why they are doing it. Regardless of this, it is mesmerizing to watch them.

Drone Shows Reindeer Herd Walking Continually In A Circle

The video was captured thanks to a drone in the air during an expedition to the Kola Peninsula. It was revealed by the St. Petersburg Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography director. The director said that he does not know why the reindeer were acting in the way they were doing. A friend of the director said that perhaps the strange behavior of the reindeer doing circles were pathways to a different reality.

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The video has numerous responses, and many people said that the paranormal was behind the strange behavior. One person said that the reindeer were caught up in a vortex or the same force that created crop circles.

Those who are more rational sought a more realistic explanation, and some said that it was a defense tactic used by the reindeer so that they could protect each other and the younger members of the herd. They were keeping the younger members in the middle of the swirling mass so they could not be seen by predators.

Other people said that perhaps the reindeer were cold and they do this strange behavior to help them keep warm. Perhaps the ones on the outside swapped with those in the middle after some time, similar to what penguins do in huddles against the cold wind, ice, and snow.

What Causes Reindeer to Walk Round in Large Circles Together?

What has baffled people is the fact that three reindeer circles have been seen in the video. This means that it was not just a one-off by a single group of reindeer. The exact cause for the swirling mass grouping of reindeer has not been made clear, and for the time being, it remains a mystery.

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At first glance from a distance, the mass of reindeer looks like a whirlwind or debris being caught up in one. As the drone moves in closer, it becomes apparent that they are in fact reindeer twirling around in a circle. The drone then shows three separate herds penned in and all of them are doing the same thing at the same time, with not one reindeer being left out. Even the reindeer in a very small pen make a very small tight circular motion.


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