These 28 Photos Prove the End is Near… #19 Looks Scary

Believe it or not, this was once a living elephant. This is an elephant that has been left to decompose, looking like some horrible kind of leather or a collapsed tent.

They say this is “air traffic.” Many people believe otherwise, because immediately after these “persistent contrails” are observed in the sky, many things happen. One thing is, you might go outside and then after walking around, smell like an aluminum welding shop, or like a pet dog. Then, rain tests in your city might test positive for 100x the legal limit of aluminum, or 2x the limit for barium. People suspect this is due to geoengineering, which is not being disclosed even though Harvard academics, the government, and the CIA are pushing for the skies to be sprayed to fight global warming. Look all of this up.

This Mongolian man is detecting the foul odor of the second largest river in Asia, and sixth longest in the world: the Yellow River, or birthplace of Chinese civilization. As the stream of the river passes through the Loess Plateau, erosion takes place and it becomes the most sediment laden river in the world due to the large amount of sand and mud ejected.

This is a fire storm raging through Colorado, which they claim is due to climate change. Other people believe the weather is being manipulated and a wide range of factors could be contributing to the unusual weather events.

This is just Los Angeles: and it isn’t the biggest sprawling metropolis in the world, either. The largest metropolitan areas on Earth are located in Asia. The first is the metropolitan area of Tokyo, with a population of 38,001,000.

This is a field of greenhouses in the area surrounding Almeria in Spain.

The world’s largest diamond mine is the Russian Mir Mine.

This is the metropolitan area of New Delhi, India. This is serious city: the world’s third largest metropolis.

Black Friday, Boise, Idaho was where this photo was taken. Think about how it looks in other cities.

In Canada, oil tycoons such as Maurice Strong have become “environmentalists” who paved the way for a future where the forest is being chopped down and cleared in similar fashion to how the dictator backed corporations invaded the rainforest.

This occurred during the Fukushima disaster in Japan. A few miles from the scene, this massive power and head station burned, and no one could extinguish it. The effort to do so was not available at the time for obvious reasons.

This is California: an oilfield, most likely near the Death Valley region where life struggles to survive, East of Bakersfield.

In Java, Indonesia people are still going to surf those beautiful turquoise waves, regardless of the trash and filth.

This is a lignite power plant, contaminating the Earth with its toxic plume.

Melting pack ice is causing an incredible waterfall right on top of an iceberg in this photo. They say climate change is rapidly advancing and events like this are the proof. But what is directly above the ice? One of those “persistent contrails.” Maybe the Earth is heating up so much because militaries are playing with the weather to cause drought in enemy countries.

The ice caps are reportedly disappearing and it is causing polar bears to starve to death, as this one did in Svalvard, Norway. The statistics of this should be examined closely.

In the Nevada desert, you’ll find things like this landfill for useless tires.

In “developing” countries, economic powerhouses safely tucked away in “developed” countries find ways to leave their trash, broken electronics and what not to be stripped of precious metals with toxic, deadly substances.

These are the Maldives, beautiful islands that may disappear due to rising sea levels.

This albatross bird is no longer with us presumably due to garbage.

A Siberian tiger lost its life to these poachers.

For thousands of years, these trees had stood tall in Oregon. Unfortunately they got the chainsaw so a new dam could make people money.

The oil sands of Alberta, the Canadian province are precisely where oil tycoon and fake environmentalist Maurice Strong hailed from. Maurice Strong is a man who popularized the theory of anthropomorphic climate change. If you look at all the influential people and entities who popularized the theory of climate change, you’ll notice they are from oil corporations, defense contractors, military agencies, ect. Maybe it really is happening because corporations like Raytheon have patented technology for heating the stratosphere.

In Bangladesh, India this trash incineration plant speaks for itself.

Oil sands again: this is the “energy source of the future,” if you trust the last people you want to trust concerning our future.

The rainforest has endured mercury poisoning in Peru from the South due to diamond mines, and the north due to oil companies. Here it is in flames.

Welcome to Mexico City, home to 20 million people. Mexico is much more beautiful than this picture may imply.

Fire at oil platform in Gulf of Mexico, April 2010.


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