Scientists Claim Octopuses Came To Earth From Space As Frozen Eggs

Scientists have made an extraordinary claim that octopuses are alien and they arrived from space on Earth as frozen eggs many millions of years ago. The startling revelation came from a group of 33 scientists who published a report called “Cambrian Explosion – Terrestrial or Cosmic?“.

Octopuses Arrived on Earth 250 Million Years after Cambrian Explosion

The paper revealed an explanation for the sudden flourish of life in the Cambrian era, which is often called the Cambrian Explosion. They said it lies in the stars and was the result of Earth being hit by clouds of organic molecules. The scientists went even further to say that octopuses, which evolved on Earth fast 270 million years ago, are not of this Earth. They arrived on Earth 250 million years following the Cambrian explosion.

The paper goes on to say that the genome of the Octopus reveals a level of complexity that is staggering and has 33,000 genes that are protein coded, more than what human beings have. The octopus is thought to be the most intelligent non-vertebrates on the planet. They have a nervous system that is sophisticated and a huge brain. Bodies that are flexible, eyes like cameras, they can camouflage in an instant and they can change shape.

Octopus Photography

Scientists Say Genes of Octopus Came From Far Distant Future

The genes involving transformation lead from the ancestral Nautilus to the Cuttlefish and Squid and are not found easily in pre-existing life forms. The scientists said that it is plausible to suggest that they come from a far distant future when it comes to terrestrial evolution.

A plausible explanation would be that the genes could be new extra-terrestrial imports on Earth. They may be a coherent group of already functioning genes in the matrix and cryopreserved fertilized Octopus eggs. There is the chance that the squid was cryopreserved or the Octopus eggs may have arrived many hundreds of millions of years ago. This would be one explanation for the sudden emergence of the Octopus about 270 million years ago.

Octopuses Have Played Parts in Many Sci-Fi Films

There have been many films with octopuses at the center. The War of the Worlds in 1898 was the first sci-fi classic to have octopus-like creatures that had huge brains. The 2016 film Arrival was about the first contact with a cephalopod race that was alien.

Earth Cambrian Explosion

Scientists have said that octopuses have evolved very quickly and a study gave the suggestion that they are capable of learning from other octopuses simply by observing them. Octopuses have been documented assembling coconut shells that have been thrown away and using them to make shelters. It has been said that the octopus is the closest thing we will come to meeting an intelligent alien.


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