These Maps Show Earth’s Last Safe Places in a Cataclysm: the Billionaire Escape Plans

When people seek a full perception of what the world is, they often fail to consider the culture of the most wealthy, powerful and influential individuals on Earth. Do we even know the faces or names of the very, very wealthiest and most powerful people? How far from the Forbes list is the true list of the world’s billionaires and possibly even trillionaires?

It’s impossible to over-emphasize the fact that people with traits like psychopathy gravitate toward the top of the power pyramid. There were the primary psychopaths who may have laid the foundation for a family fortune in a time where a certain industry was booming, like John D. Rockefeller being the patriarch of his family. Then they pass those traits on.

Make no mistake: people with secondary or primary psychopathy become the billionaires of the world. Sociopaths and narcissists, people with no hearts gravitate toward the top and they tend to raise their children to be as heartless as possible as well.

It is this information that one must remember when trying to delve into the world of what these people may do in some cataclysmic event. In some cataclysmic event that would require the world’s people to take shelter, what would a ruling class composed of narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths do? They would hoard the greatest places to hide for themselves, and they would use every trick in the book to deceive every other competitor to those resources.

A wide range of possibilities exist for cataclysmic events, but our ability to predict when one might happen suffers from the fact that they occur on such broad timelines. When supermassive volcanoes erupt only every so hundred thousand or million years for example, how could it possibly be easy to anticipate such an event?

Comet collisions, supermassive volcanic eruptions, the world’s grid of satellites being knocked out by a cosmic event: the possibilities are endless. While this article couldn’t possibly encapsulate the difficulty of figuring out the probability of such an event occurring, let’s take a look at what we are allowed to know about the plans of billionaires.

The rural, dry areas directly in the center of the United States are a favorite for billionaires. The man who owns the most land in America owns a giant plot of land in Wyoming: ironically that’s the place where a supermassive volcanic eruption from Yellowstone could create a nuclear winter on planet Earth. It would be the center of a cataclysmic event.

Montana, Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico and similar states are popular among land purchasing billionaires.

John Malone, the largest landowner in the United States owns 2,200,000 acres in places like Wyoming and Colorado. Everybody should be familiar with the cryptic murals at the massive Denver International Airport and the possibility of an underground facility existing beneath it (along with that Freemasonic timecapsule).

Amazon’s leader Jeff Bezos owns about 400,000 acres in Texas, and Philip Anschultz owns 434,000 acres in Wyoming.

So will something make only the very center region of the US inhabitable? Here are some maps created by researchers to illustrate how the world may look in the event of cataclysmic flooding.


According to researchers, Africa could eventually be divided into three parts when the Nile river floods and widens. They claim a new waterway will divide the entire continent, toward Gabon from the Mediterranean Sea. Cairo, Egypt will be underwater in this prediction.


It has been claimed that Asia would have the worst changes possible in the event of a cataclysm on Earth. From Japan to the Philippines, everything will be under water. They say Japan will eventually sink, leaving only a few islands.


Antarctica on the other hand, will allegedly become a soil rich, fertile, warm place in the new world, if you are to believe these scientists. New Zealand will be a paradise.

Australia and New Zealand

Due to coastal flooding, Australia will allegedly lose about twenty five percent of its land. As for nearby New Zealand, it will supposedly grow in size and join the land of “old Australia,” becoming a rich, fertile area.


Europe will not be as lucky as Antarctica. Most of Northern Europe will supposedly sink under the Earth’s water, as the tectonic plate supporting it fully snaps. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland will disappear and tons of tiny islands will appear instead.

The United Kingdom will be gone, from the English Channel to Scotland, for the most part.

North America

North America will be subject to the buckling of the North American plate, and California will allegedly turn into about 150 islands. Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska will become the new West Coast: is that why billionaires take so much interest in Wyoming and Colorado.

South America

South America will be suffering from intense volcanic activity and heavy earthquakes. According to this research, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and other countries will be largely underwater. Chile seems safe, and the Bolivian high altitude regions seem like they would be safe.


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