What They Found in The Desert Shouldn’t Exist

Shocking evidence of military encounter with a giant in Kandahar.

In December of 2008, MLA Steve Quayle was on the program as he’s been so often, and he brought us that pilot anonymously, pilot did not what his name disclosed, and he talked about this very bizarre story of how he flew this dead giant out to some base in Ohio.

“Describe exactly what you saw”

“Well, when we came up basically came outside, we had a normal 463 all palette loaded down with what they told us was a giant.”

“This giant being eleven hundred pounds, anywhere from ten to fifteen feet long, and it was killed, it was apparently shot somewhere in a cave in Afghanistan,but before it was shot, it lunged at several of our troops our soldiers, and may have even gorged somebody, it was just a bizarre bizarre story”

Watch video to get full story


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