If You Don’t Believe, This Will Surely Change Your Mind!

I’m absolutely sure that we are not alone in this universe.

A crowd of believers and skeptics, with cameras rolling, members of a group calling itself the disclosure project, stood up one by one to tell personal experiences involving what they say are UFOs.

A group wants to talk about their UFO sightings, but this apparently is no crackpot Convention former high-level government and military officials are among those, sharing what they’ve seen in the skies.

We want the United States government to stop perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down-to-earth and conventional terms.
Instead, our country needs to reopen its official investigation that it shut down in 1969.
We had ground visual, ground radar, airborne visual and airborne radar, confirmation of some of these sightings.

By the way, there have even been some UFO sightings reported right here in the nation’s capitol, there was a flurry of them back in July of 1952, when the Air Force investigated, but was never able to solve or prove anything, take a look at these headlines aerial.. whatsits buzz DC again, Air Force after DC saucers “jets ready to chase lights”…”jets ordered to hunt down flying saucers there was a lot of hype a lot of excitement back in 1952 .

A lot of people have been talking recently about some very strange lights in the sky that were caught on videotape and see for yourself, this is the footage that’s getting thousands of hits every day on YouTube, the person who claims to have shot the footage says it shows a triangle-shaped object moving at incredible speed or in the skies over Dublin Ireland.

A UFO in China’s skies force Josh an airport to stop operations on July 7th outbound flights were grounded after the unidentified flying object was detected by a flight crew . The incident has captured the attention of Chinese media.

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