Someone Accidentally Uncovered A Secret Government Facility And The Photos Reveals Everything

Most of the time if you see something on the ground, it’s not going to be worth much. Sometimes though, like fate people find things that could change their life.

A historian and political writer named Garrett Graff was provided with something serendipitously discovered on the floor of a parking garage by one of his colleagues. It first it seemed like a simple case of a person losing their prized possession, but upon closer inspection there was something on the object that triggered an entire series of events.

Political writer Garrett Graff covered a lot of hot-button issues in his lifetime, from the War on Terror to the 2008 U.S. presidential election. But perhaps his most eye-opening research started when his friend handed him something peculiar.

A several year long, life changing investigation into the secrets of the American power establishment was allegedly triggered by the discovery of this object.

The object was a government ID belonging to a member of the American intelligence community. For some reason his colleague chose to give him the ID. Graff said to NPR “he gave it to me since I write about that subject, and he’s like, ‘I figure you can get this back to this guy.’”

There was something plainly off about the ID. Graff noticed that step-by-step driving instructions were on the back of it. He simply used Google Maps to locate the end destination of the directions, and the results were not what you’d expect.

A mountain peak merely 70 miles outside of Washington D.C. known as “Raven Rock” was the site where these directions ended. They led to nothing. Perhaps it was a meeting place?

Graff recalled “You can see very clearly these big concrete bunker doors. This little guard shack, chain-link fence, and then this set of concrete bunker doors beyond.”

“It was a facility that I had never heard of that wasn’t on any map,” Graff continued. He began to attempt researching the facility.

It turned out to be a nuclear fallout shelter, known as Raven Rock Mountain Complex, or Site R.

It isn’t a secret that the US government has long had plans to remain safe in the event of some nuclear war, saving the people of power, wealth, and influence at the expense of the common people even while agitating that very conflict.

In 1951, the administration of Truman began construction on the bunker, immediately as the Cold War started heating up. New York City subway tunnels were a previous task of the construction team who did this work. How was it possibly kept secret? Because that’s how common “conspiracy” is.

For just $1.35 an hour, a laborer named Gene Bowman was among those who tore through the Raven Rock granite to construct this.

Graff described the location as a “free-standing city… built inside of this mountain.”Basically a “backup Pentagon” as described by the media, Site R featured massive 34-ton blast doors supposedly capable of withstanding the power of a nuclear bomb blast. Of course, these things are reserved for the people at the top of the pyramid, not us “peasants.”

Beyond those powerful doors, 100,000 entire feet of office would provide military officials and people probably morally culpable for starting the nuclear conflict in the first place with room to wage more war. About 1,400 of America’s most powerful and selfish men and women could fit into the place comfortably.

At the time, an argument arose over the fact that spouses of military officials would not fit there.

A judge, Justice Warren was in the elite club, but he realized an ID badge was not provided for his wife. The justice, thinking he was better than average civilians replied “you’ll have room for one more important official.”

It turns out, every single federal branch of the government had a spot in this bunker. They really wanted the virus of government to survive: even the post office had a spot there.

The IRS wouldn’t even let people off the hook if they got nuked and the top officials remained safe. They had a post-bomb plan to tax people’s vaporized, nuked property.

2$ bills were stacked away in another bomb shelter to use as currency in an apocalyptic society.

Every agency of government had a plan to dominate others in this event. Refugee camps would be set up by the Parks Department, rations of food would be under the tight control of the Department of Agriculture, and strangely the post office would carry out the task of discovering who died in the blast.

Until 1992, this facility was fully manned and operated every hour of the day. Then after 9/11, they had an excuse to open again. The facility is again open at all times.

One secret bunker was where the instructions on the back of that ID led to.

Graff noted that this was all to the detriment of the civilian that oppressive government claims to protect and serve. “The civilian population will be left to itself for weeks or months at a time,” he said, “and a small number of senior government officials will be spirited out to these bunkers.”

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By Adam Goldberg

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