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Russian Fisherman Photographs Alien-Like Monsters.

A Russian fisherman has been photographing the bizarre collection of sea creatures he has caught, that could even leave the most skeptic alien conspiracy theorist convinced of extraterrestrial life.

Roman Fedortsov, has posted man of his unusual catches on his Twitter account, and many of them have an alien look to them!

Alien-like Monsters
Russian fisherman photographs alien-like monsters.

The anatomy of many sea creatures is indeed bizarre. This collection of extraterrestrial-like beings is sure to cause confusion.

The evolution of animals is based on its surrounding habitat. It is safe to say that the ocean is one of the harshest environments to live. However, despite this, there is a wide array of diverse life swimming in the waters.

Many deep-sea animals have adapted in unusual ways to cope with the lack of sunlight and immense pressure on their bodies. A lot of the creatures captured in Mr. Fedortsov’s photography appear to be alien. With this in mind, they are not aliens or extraterrestrials. They are the by-product of a great evolutionary chain of events that have shaped each animal in its own unique way.

Evolution sure is a fascinating natural product.

Below is a collection of Fedortsov’s alien-like fish:

Extraterrestrial fish

stone with sea anemone
Alien in appearance but of Earth origin. Sourced from: Twitter.
A lumpfish is a “cleaner fish”. They eat parasites and other bacteria. Image credit: Twitter.
remora fish
Remora fish, sometimes called the suckerfish, can grow from 7cm to 75cm long.
Alien-like Monsters
Russian fisherman photographs alien-like monsters.

The above slug-like creatures are called Psolus phantapus and definitely look like they originated from an extraterrestrial planet. They could easily be mistaken for aliens news, but are from Earth.

A lot of the creatures in Mr. Fedortsov’s photos would be believable as aliens if put into a Sci-Fi movie context.

Take a look at the visitors from another world video below:

Alien visitors from another world

These images of scary visitors from another world were uploaded to YouTube channel BigShocking.

Check out more of Roman Fedortsov’s images on Twitter.


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