4 Ways to Supercharge your Dopamine

Understanding the concept of depression can go a few different routes. Sometimes it is the circumstances of a person’s life or upbringing that afflict them with deeply rooted feelings of depression.

Other times, it is actually a chemical process that is causing a person to experience feelings of dread, or depression.

To sell antidepressant drugs, a whole mythos, a fabric of lies has been created by the medical industry to give people a mental picture of dopamine or seretonin deficient brains. They marketed drugs like Eli Lilly and Company’s drug Prozac under this mythological pseudoscience, while psychiatrists such as Dr. Peter Breggin have exposed the lie of a chemical imbalance in the brain that can be fixed with antidepressants.

This is the true chemical “imbalance” that can exist in the brain: endocrine disruption.

Poisoning that disturbs the function of hormones and chemicals that regulate our emotions. Mercury, different plastics, aluminum, and other chemicals classified as endocrine disruptors can cause chronic chemical imbalances in people that lead to unexplainable, strong feelings of depression or sadness.

Not to take this too far, because some people definitely just feel depressed because they happen to find things in this consumeristic society empty. There’s nothing imbalanced about realizing that.

Some people need to do something about their dopamine production, because they are suffering from some kind of poisoning, and others just understandably feel depressed about the circumstances of life.

Dopamine is essentially the master “pleasure” chemical in the human brain, responsible for a variety of both mental and physical bodily functions that go further than pleasure production. It’s like the opiate of the body.

To naturally stimulate your own levels of dopamine, with aspirations to overcome depression, apathy, anxiety, and whatever else you need relaxation to recover from, here are some things you can try.

1. Discovering new music on a daily basis

Have you ever tried fully immersing yourself in the discovery of new music? Get to a place where nobody will distract or interrupt you, put in your headphones, and surf YouTube for new music.

You’ll have to get creative and search hard for your genre, your artists, your style but once you get on the track, it could be a very dopamine stimulating, mind-clearing activity.

It also helps clear the mind to take walks while listening to music in headphones, or ride a city train or bus for the sole purpose of looking out the window while listening to music. Try it, you won’t regret it.

2. Exercise

This is the most common sense way to release dopamine physically: get your heart pumping. If you go running for example, you’ll get your heart beating fast, and for the longer that you consistently have your heart pumping, the more dopamine you’ll release.

The idea is consistency, not releasing all your energy for running/jogging or exercise all at once.

If you spend a good 20 minutes or so running, jogging, or exercising in a way that gets your heart pumping non-stop, you’ll notice when you sit down you feel like an opiate is rushing through your body.

That’s the beautiful, pure natural dopamine that human beings used to get from running in the woods, catching food to eat and living in nature. We aren’t meant to be without that exercise and sunlight. However truthfully, the air is filled with pollutants in most places so that should also be kept in mind while you run or jog: I’m talking aboutaluminum, barium, and strontium, see if you smell the aluminum in the air.

3. Eat foods that stimulate the production of dopamine

With exercise, you can get your body more used to producing dopamine all the time, and then the theory is that an activity you like, for example listening to music, will have its desired effect more because the body will be healthy and able to produce dopamine.

Well, another factor in the production of dopamine is having the necessary vitamins and minerals for the health of your body and brain. The soils that grow our food truly are depleted of the vitamins and minerals we need, such as magnesium, potassium, or selenium, and it causes us to feel less and live less comfortably.

So, people have to eat even more of the foods that contain necessary minerals and also supplement the basics like magnesium, according to the health practices of some people.

It is also said that a precursor amino acid to dopamine, tyrosine, is helpful to consume for production of dopamine.

Remember, common sense applies here: if you don’t eat healthy ever and don’t exercise ever, don’t expect your dopamine production to become healthy from simply taking some tyrosine.

4. Meditation, or Yoga

This is something that so few people have the patience for nowadays, including myself. You might picture some new age stuff when thinking of meditation or yoga, but if you separate the stigma from the concept, think about this.

People desperately need silence, rest from sensory overload nowadays, and the ability to build up a tolerance to it that comes from relaxing the mind and eliminating all background noise from the mind through silence and focus.

If you sit down, stare into space and sit in complete silence, you could build up a power that serves your well-being for the rest of your life (earplugs and the quietest place you can find?).

The idea is to stare into space or close your eyes in silence, and let all thoughts in your mind drift away and be cleared.

You’ll notice how difficult it is to make the thoughts, songs, ideas, words, and background noise in your mind to quiet down. However over time, you’ll gain the ability to simply have quiet in the mind, and with focus you’ll create silence and peace mentally. Then, you’ll have the ability to create mental quiet and peace even in a loud situation, and that’s an incredibly important skill to have in the age of information overload.

As far as yoga is concerned, it is a decent option for people who want to get the heart pumping for dopamine, and earn patience from the aspect of it that is similar to meditation.

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