US Soldier Admits the Various Types of Extraterrestrial

All the way back in 2012, do you remember how much more enthusiasm people had for conspiracies and thoughts about everything ranging from false flags to aliens?

It was that year that a video was uploaded of one guy in the military trying to convince fellow soldiers that aliens were real.

It was sort of falsely advertised as a kind of admission that was specifically allowed by the US military, but it’s highly unlikely that they specifically oversaw the release of this video.

The video is more like a low level, average military member’s YouTube video of him trying to teach other people about aliens. More like an average extraterrestrial enthusiast.

His audience was halfway mocking him the entire time: the military is definitely not the place for people who think outside the box or want to uphold their own morals and values.

A member of his small audience said “is that the alien you’ve seen” and he replied with something along the lines of “yeah, those are grays.” He told the wrong audience about his experience seeing gray aliens.

One person asked “can they breathe oxygen” and the presenter quickly and with some odd degree of certainty replied “yes, they can breathe oxygen. The atmosphere on their planet is very similar but it is a binary system, which means they have two suns.”

The guy explained that gray aliens have fragile bones, but all the military men wanted to do was ask if the aliens were female, or if they had boobs, or if they wanted “to f*ck.”

Then he started talking about how these entities would be cloned. At this point in the video, he does not explain how he knows any of this. He did add that the cloned creatures have “long, pointy noses.” He claimed that the gray aliens were cloning themselves and making small “white” creatures.

Reptilian type creatures were confirmed as real by the testimony of this man if you believe him, as he claimed they had small eyes. He claimed that the reptilians were extremely large in stature with broad shoulders, standing at about 6 or 7 feet tall without fragile bones.

Then, he claimed that the gray aliens and reptilians had a big war, and that the grays almost wiped out the reptilians, so they had to go to a different world.

When asked about how he knew all this, he didn’t claim that he saw it in the military or anything like that. Leaving the viewer to question whether he was serious about any of this, he started referencing fiction. He was either not serious, or he was referencing fiction because he believes the fiction was actually meant to represent reality, a common theory actually.

Then, he claimed “since the caveman days” our DNA has been altered collectively as a species 68 times.

Remember 2012? That’s how this period of time felt, people were much more enthusiastic about this type of thing back when seeing it blow up on the Internet was kind of new.

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