North Dakota’s Secret Pyramid in 15 Photos

Just a few people raised in America have escaped the narrow confines of historical information taught in public school. Those few people are aware of the mounds and pyramids that have been found all over America, constructed by Native Americans.

However even fewer people know of the pyramid in North Dakota. It wasn’t made by Native Americans, and it wasn’t even made very long ago. Here it is.

Some suggest it features a giant, surprised looking eye on the front of it. If you look close, is that a small eye shaped object directly above the frame of the entrance?

In Cavalier County, North Dakota this pyramid constructed a mere 43 years ago in 1975 was supposedly designed to withstand a blast from Soviet Union missiles during the Cold War. It was a military installation, a gigantic radar system that appears to have been built by people who like the symbol of the pyramid. It was the only anti-missile system of its kind in America.

One thing to note about this pyramid is that the top is missing, kind of like the symbol on the back of the 1$ bill. Mark Passio, a public speaker and thinker who formerly belonged to a cult can supposedly identify the meaning behind the symbol. He believes the incomplete pyramid on the back of the 1$ bill is meant to symbolically depict a big brick weighing down humanity, preventing them from reaching the light of truth depicted by the shining eye at the top of the pyramid.

An explanation for why a radar system would be constructed in this shape is difficult to find. One might assume the purpose was not to make some technological system more efficient with the shape, but for the hell of it, or because someone who participated in the creation of the building appreciated the symbolism.

If it were just built that way because someone liked the symbolism, it would make sense because the Library of Congress proudly displays a set of images depicting the buildings.

The buildings are titled the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex. A photographer named Benjamin Halpern was contracted by the US government to take photos of the central pyramid at the time. It was the site’s actual missile control building.

Occult-looking, strange monuments created for purposes of warfare, with neat photos specifically paid for by the US government and stored in the Library of Congress? Sounds like these people really love occult symbolism.

The shape of this recently constructed pyramid has been compared to an ancient Mayan pyramid at Chichén Itzá.

But what was the most important function of this facility?

It was the one and only operational anti-ballistic missile system ever deployed in the history of the United States. It defended silos of Minuteman ICBM missiles near the North Dakota Grand Forks AFB.

The bizarre looking facility was a true icon of death. For sixteen Sprint nuclear tipped missiles, and thirty Spartan, it had underground launchers that were reinforced and protected.

During 1976, the building complex was deactivated after a period of being operational for not even four months.

The official narrative is that they simply deactivated the facility because it was too much money to maintain. Today it is essentially abandoned.

If the amount of innocent people murdered by NATO countries around the world is so astounding, and they lie about it with such incredible lack of conscience, why would it be much different to believe people in power worship death?

People in power worship death, and they seem to like putting up pyramids and weird symbols while they worship death under the justification of warfare.


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