Ancient aliens/Anunnaki

Pentagon Insider Claims: ‘The Annunaki Will Come Back To Earth’

Annunaki, the ancient astronauts, might come back to our Planet, according a man with inside relations in Pentagon.

Stan Deyo claims NASA and the Pentagon have their beliefs that the Annunaki will arrive again on Earth together with the coming of Planet Nibiru. No matter if it’s a planet, a star or an asteroid belt, something does not seem quite right. It is very possible that the Annunaki are here as of now and the theory is just a cover – up for their appearance.


Sumerian mythology and the Epic of Gilgamesh apply that the Annunaki were the temple of good and bad gods, who came to our planet and started conceiving human race by genetic engineering.

The Assyrians and Babylonians called it “Marduk” in the honour of their god. Sumerians claim that one year spent, on Nibiru, so – called sar, equals 3,600 Earth years.

The agedness of the ancient divine creatures was 120 sars old or 432,000 years in our language.


The history of Annunaki was very mysterious and it was depicted in the Babylonian ancient Mesopotamian myths about gods and goddesses, called Enuma Elish.


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