Was Ancient Egypt Nuked? Melted Steps Found In Temple!

Have you ever heard of “Dendera temple”?

Known as the sixth nome of upper Egypt, it is one of the best preserved, ancient temple complexes on earth, and it bares the scars of what must have been a most frightening, and destructive of events. An event that is ignored by the majority of modern academia.

The complex spans some 40,000 square feet, and within the temple is some of the most well preserved ancient artworks of anywhere in Egypt.
Along with preserving the exquisite art and decorations, the temple also preserved evidence of something we were not taught about in history class.
Upon the granite steps which still lead to the temples roof, in direct alignment with a small window cut into the thick stone wall, is evidence of severe melting. At one time in the temples long life, the steps within were turned into liquid magma.

What catastrophic event could lead to the melting of granite steps through a small window in the wall.
Were such events common place, or was it the result of an accident?
Is this why the ancient structures were built with such huge blocks of stone?

Many have speculated that the dendora temple is built upon an even older site, are the steps surviving remnants of this much earlier complex?
Were they part of a structure that once witnessed a solar flare perhaps, or maybe a localised super nova.
Many who have examined the steps, and the surrounding area, have speculated that nuclear blasts may have been detonated within ancient Egypt, or even before.

The ancient site in India for example, ten miles west of Jodhpur. With Radiation that was so intense, the area is still highly dangerous.
An ancient layer of radioactive ash was discovered, that covers a three-square mile area.
Scientists investigating the site where a housing development was being built, established that there was a very high rate of illnesses in the area.

The levels of radiation registered were so high the Indian government eventually cordoned off the entire region.
they later unearthed an ancient city, which shows strong evidence of an atomic blast dating back some 12,000 years, which destroyed most of the buildings, and killed an estimated half a million people.

Did nuclear war occur in our distant past?
Were these ancient structures which have stood the test of time, actually built as bunkers?
With melted steps and irradiated ancient cities found throughout the world, the evidence is certainly compelling.


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