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Secret Video Of Roswell UFO Crash 1947 & Zeta Reticuli Real Aliens

You will miss a lot if you do not see this video Conspiracy theorists claimed that the US military seized the UFO spacecraft that crashed outside Rosewell in July 1947, but the authorities insist that the accident is merely a recovery of debris related to a high-altitude surveillance airship.

Much of the doubt about the incident was originally triggered by a press release issued by a local US military base, which said the incident involved a UFO. As part of its effort to silence skeptical voices in the June 1997 incident, the US Air Force released a 231-page report entitled “Case Closed: Final Report on the Roswell Crash.” The report confirmed that the aliens, who witnesses said they saw at the scene, were in fact real models of test dummies.

However, interest in the incident was raised again in 1995, when a London businessman named Ray Santale claimed to have footage of an autopsy on the body of one of the spacecraft Roswell Alien (the film was published in a previous publication on this page) A US intelligence officer, Cass Brandon, also revealed the secrets of the matter.

Brandon, who has worked for nearly 35 years in the US intelligence service, said all the information, data and pictures about the famous Roswell incident were kept in a huge box.

The box was hidden in a specially constructed underground cellar located at the US Intelligence Center in Langley, Virginia. “When I saw the pieces of Aliens being taken out of the flying saucer, I shouted, my God, it’s a fact that has already happened,” Brandon said. Brandon denied that what he saw was the remains of a “meteorological balloon” as US intelligence claimed at the time, confirming it was a UFO or plane coming from outside the planet.

Brandon noted that he had seen in the secret bunker Blangley all the evidence to prove that the accident was the result of the crash of a plane or UFO plane coming from outside the globe. Brandon said that the military statement issued in the first moments after the incident confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was something suspicious and strange had happened, where he stressed that the text that many of the news about “watching the UFO flying on Saturday morning fact and that a squadron of Bombers and bombers in Group 509 Air defense in Roswell succeeded in dealing with the situation and managed to destroy the UFO flying dish is now in possession. ”

Brandon said the federal military changed its story about the incident just 24 hours after it happened and claimed that the body or the UFO that was dropped was a weather balloon that landed in a farm near the Roswell military zone, a lie promoted by the CIA at the time , According to him. Brandon said that 65 years later, I can confirm that it is true and that they are aliens who tried to land on the Roswell military base in the American desert of Nevada but fighter jets managed to drop it.

The Roswell accident is the most recent in the history of the UFO and Aliens spacecraft, which claimed the crash of a UFO in the New Mexico desert and the discovery of the debris of the vehicle and the bodies of aliens Aliens.

The military authorities at the time announced at a press conference: “The rumors of multiple UFO dishes have been true since yesterday when the luckiest intelligence officer in the group of bombers from the 8th fleet of the Air Force in Roswell to get the UFO.

News headlines say: “UFO in Air Force Possession!”



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