Conspiracy Lost/Advanced civilizations

The Origin Of Humankind – The Big Historical Cover-Up

Many unsolved mysteries around ancient structures like the Egyptian pyramids or the Sphinx suggest alternative timelines of history.

Is there a cover-up of the true origin of humankind?

Timeliness are drastically skewed to align with the life of Jesus ,which no matter which story you believe humans have been here far longer than the writers of the biblical story would have you believe ,and even though alot of it is to keep the believers in line snd giving to the church ,there is a god a master creator that even other life forms would tell you , but we as a race are far older than than any of the established experts will admit !

The problem with modern science is that government pays for the vast majority of it. When you are funded by the government you say what the government tells you to say. Otherwise you lose your career. No true science can be had under those circumstances.


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