Two “Alien” Beings Inside UFO: Turkish Government Verified Footage

Have you ever heard of the Kum­burgaz, Turkey UFO incident?

It was an event that spanned a few days, that produced footage, a video that has been verified as authentic by the Turkish government. That’s not necessarily that it authentically shows two alien beings inside a craft as some people have suggested, but they confirmed the footage is real.

The government confirmed the authenticity of the video in the sense that it was analyzed by the Scientific and Technology Research Board of Turkey, which is sponsored by the government, and they can vouch for the authenticity. The government agency connected entity said:

“In conclusion, even though a detailed analysis of the footage is conducted, it might still remain unidentified. Hence, other reference objects need to be recorded in the same frame with the disputable object and further shootings need to be done by ourselves with special equipment in the same location and conditions.

Accordingly, the term “UFO” (Unidentified Flying Object) which has been used for these sort of dubious objects can also be used for these objects. But, this definition does not mean that these objects are from extraterrestrial (flying saucer etc.) origin.”

Multiple film crews managed to capture this footage, and for several days, the story goes that mysterious objects appeared in the sky. They say the objects ranged in shape from metallic spheres to disc shaped objects, to oval shaped crafts that visited the coast of Kumburgaz, Turkey over the Sea of Marmara.

A doctor of pediatric medicine and UFO enthusiast named Dr. Roger Leir who supposedly is capable of extracting alien implants filmed and witnessed the events after the UFO’s happened to coincide with a conference on the very topic in Turkey.

It is claimed that this doctor retrieved sixteen distinctly different objects out of the bodies of people, in fifteen surgeries that allegedly prove some extraterrestrials put them in. The man sadly passed away in March 2014, but his legacy lives on as his objects recovered from people’s bodies were investigated and studied by a variety of prestigious universities including New Mexico Tech, Los Alamos National Laboratories, and more.

This is what the man had to say about the UFO’s in Turkey he witnessed:

“We’re standing on an elevated deck, which has nothing between us and the water. It was a rather warm night and there was a very very bright full moon. The camera we were using had a 300 mm lens and an electronic doubler. In other words we were able to push or close in on the object 600 times magnification.

We started by looking at the moon… the moon was very bright and under these circumstances it’s just the absolute worst time to look for UFOs because the light from the moon pollutes the surrounding sky it’s like, you know, trying to film something at night in the sky in the middle of the city…But anyway…We saw a little bright dot to the left and below the moon and then after getting our focus on the moon we moved the camera over to this little bright light and then started to zoom in on it… and when we got probably 3 quarters of the way from magnification and we’re looking through the view finder and we’re also recording this on the monitor, we see that this light is not a plane. It’s not from a star, it’s not a helicopter, it has a shape to it, which was cylindrical in the front, and then it would  turn time to time and you could see that it was probably crescent shaped…

And as we pushed on what we considered the front of the object, now that’s when we were so startled by…we just couldn’t believe what we were seeing…This was a craft that had, whatever you choose to call it…Viewing ports, windows, whatever, three, one big one in the front and one towards each side and the craft externally was being lit by the moon…So you could see that it was a shiny… sort of metallic material.  What you could see through these ports was light that was emanating from the internal portion of the craft and standing there in these portals were some of these beings….They knew we were there filming them it, was like “oh hello, go ahead film away.” 

People have to be really suspicious of all official declarations of UFO’s or extraterrestrials visiting our planet. We’re reaching a time where the powers that be may actually be willing to lie to such a gigantic extreme, that they would essentially fake an alien invasion just to gain more power over the civilian population.

Hillary Clinton was photographed walking with the extremely powerful man Lawrence Rockefeller, brother of David Rockefeller, before his passing, when she was the first lady in the Clinton Administration.

The question is, why the hell was she walking around with a book about extraterrestrial life?

Why did the US government openly admit they studied UFO’s last year?

Something suspicious is going on, and people would be wise to trust half of what they see and none of what they hear on this particular topic.


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